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[Closed] XinFin Testnet Block Explorer

Hello Team,

what's the address of xinfin testnet block explorer?

Also is this correct Request URL for getting latest block for testnet network ?

❯ curl
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Neelam Sable

Hello draju1980
We hope that the above query is resolved, if the query still persists then please let us know about it so that the team can resolve it on priority. It will be grateful to get an update within 72 hours or else it will be considered resolved.
Thank You.

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Hello @draju1980

These are the XDC Apothem(Testnet) Explorer:

These should help you to explore the XDC Apothem(Testnet).

And yes, that URL will fetch you the latest irreversible block. You can refer this API doc for other API's:

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.

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Hello @draju1980
Since we haven’t received any response from your side , we are closing the issue as it appears to be resolved. If you still have the issue, please feel free to reopen it.