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D Bhargav

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[Closed]Is XDC Network Supports Proxy Contracts ?

Does XDC Network Supports Proxy contracts ?. We can deploy our contracts but for proxy contracts ,how we can get "Read As Proxy " and " Write as Proxy" . In all EVM chains we have both read as and write as proxy options.
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Hello @d_bhargav_3f18189fe99b656

Since we havenโ€™t received any response from your side , we are closing the issue as it appears to be resolved. If you still have the issue, please feel free to reopen it.
Thank you!

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We hope that the above issue is resolved, if the issue is still persist then please let us know about it so that the team can resolve it on priority. It will be grateful to get an update within 72 hours or else it will be considered resolved.

Thank You

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ruslan wing

Yes XDC Network does support Proxy Contract and to read and write the contract you need to verify your contracts on the XinFin XDC Network Explorer at

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D Bhargav Author

i have deployed contract , even i did implementation.but there is no option to get "Read as Proxy " and Write as proxy options

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This comment may help you. ๐Ÿ‘†