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Discussion on: XDC Network Protocol Upgrade Proposal: Fully Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Network

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Hi Ritesh,

1) What would be the adverse impact on the present MN holders if we go with Full PoS proposal?

2) Is it going to reduce the % of present MN staking rewards? Current MN holders have been with Xinfin through thick and thin and I hope this PoS proposal wouldn't impact their staking rewards and Validator Position?

3) Will the Full PoS option grant the highest holder more power, which probably other MN holders may not agree with?

4) What are the challenges you foresee with present mechanism that only PoS would resolve?

5) You mentioned about Hard Fork of the XDC chain if we going with PoS option, how would this impact to the MN holders who run it through IndSoft?


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Ritesh kakkad Author
  1. Possibility of competition to remain masternode and MN holder need to stake more XDC it might be the other way around as well.

  2. Rewards can be decide after additional communite vote.

  3. No. 108 (or upto 150) Node will have power to write transaction. so 1st 150 Masternode will have competition.

  4. Restriction of masternodes rest need to be backup nodes.

  5. Serivice provider will help to upgrade nodes.