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Graph Node Integration

Graph Node can ingest blockchain data using two different APIs:

  • Ethereum JSON RPC found in EVM-based chains. See the requirements and how to get started on the page below.

    Graph Node EVM JSON RPC API Integration Details and Cookbook

  • Firehose gRPC. Firehose is a blockchain data indexing solution using a files-based and streaming-first approach. Specific documentation for integrators is here.

    • If the chain does not expose an EVM JSON-RPC API, the integration should start with a Firehose instrumentation of the underlying node. StreamingFast’s documentation is a great start.
    • Firehose instrumentation is always recommended, as that’s a requirement for substreams.

I'd recommend starting with the EVM JSON RPC approach for subgraph support. Here are the requirements and a cookbook for a quick integration test (with an example contract and subgraph):

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Robert Aronovici Author

Have any developers or engineers setup and integrated The Graph yet? A lot of potential to tap into for both projects...