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[Info]Download, Secure Snapshot of XDC Network using Checksum.

About XDC Network :

The XDC Network is an enterprise-friendly, open source, hybrid blockchain protocol specializing in tokenization for real world use cases like decentralized finance, tokenized trade assets and stable backed assets. It enables customers to launch new products and services by providing institutions an enterprise-grade blockchain solution to digitize contracts, assets, launch markets, and reduce operational costs.

What is XDC Network Snapshot and where it can be use :

A XDC network snapshot is a file that contains the current stats of a XDC blockchain at any particular time. A XDC Network snapshot captures the complete blockchain ledger, including all existing addresses and their related data, like transactions, fees, balance, metadata, and more.

When a XDC node joins a network, it must download the whole blockchain, from the genesis block to the last block generated, which can range in size from 1.5 GB to 200 GB. Snapshots, on the other hand, allow nodes to catch up with the network by obtaining only the most recent states.

Looking at the huge requirement from the community members and from the clients who are migrating apps on XDC Network for them I have created or built the latest snapshots using checksum method of XDC Network Data and can be download using below steps

What is Checksum and why is it required ?

A checksum is a string of numbers and letters that act as a fingerprint for a file against which later comparisons can be made to detect errors in the data. They are important because we use them to check files for integrity.

Image description
Steps to download the latest snapshot of XDC Network :

XDC Network Snapshots allow new nodes to catch-up with the network by downloading only the most recent states from the blockchain, and they are commonly used to bootstrap blockchains, sidechains, and new nodes.

URL ‘s to download the XDC Network Data :

Download URL 1 (Europe) :
Download URL 2 (USA) :

As of now it is available only with the above 2 locations in Europe and USA and I'm looking at more suggestions from the community members on their location requirement.

This Command would compress the complete XDC Network chain directory and provide a single data file to download at the user end.

tar -czvf xdcchain.tar XDC

To generate an SHA checksum, we are using md5sum command to get of xdcchain.tar which return checksum hash

md5sum xdcchain.tar > xdcchain.tar.md5

CheckSum hash :- ac4d0b155fc3ce016354f6bafcb91a05

cat xdcchain.tar.md5
ac4d0b155fc3ce016354f6bafcb91a05 *xdcchain.tar

md5sum is used to verify the integrity of files, as virtually any change to a file will cause its MD5 hash to change. Most commonly, md5sum is used to verify that a file has not changed as a result of a faulty file transfer, a disk error or non-malicious meddling.

md5sum --check xdcchain.tar.md5
xdcchain.tar: OK

Summary :

The blockchain industry is a fast paced industry. Platforms that utilize blockchain technology have to adapt at a break-neck speed in order to remain relevant. As a result, these platforms might have to migrate from one blockchain instance to another to remain competitive and secure.
Data migration on the blockchain involves copying data from the source blockchain and recreating it on the target blockchain. However, this data can be very large, emphasizing the need to reduce the blockchain download time.

A XDC snapshot is a file that contains the state of a blockchain at any given point in time. XDC Snapshots allow new nodes to catch-up with the XDC network by downloading only the most recent states from the blockchain, and they are commonly used to bootstrap blockchains, sidechains, and new nodes.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions.

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Happy Coding!

Discussion (2)

simonk profile image

Are the provided snapshots actually archive or full snapshots?
If they are only full snapshots, would it be possible to also create an archive snapshot?

jay_kulkarni_842b41d81b23 profile image

Thank you for reporting the issue, Hopefully the issue has been resolved.

If the issue is still persist, then I would suggest you to raise the same issue on XDC Dev separately with complete description.