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Discussion on: [WIP] I need help transferring my XDC to a cold wallet.

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boatsnhistory Author

First let me thank you for answering me.
I understand your instructions, and have completed them, however, from where do I transfer the XDC? It’s not on Uphold anymore, though I do have the screenshot from that transaction, and the screenshots from Blocksscan. I’m all set up with your instructions but from where do I grab my tokens?

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Rupali Mestry

Hello @boatsnhistory_24b18db51c8,

As you said you purchased the "XDC from Uphold", so kindly check your uphold wallet balance and transaction history to confirm where do you have transferred the XDC from Uphold.

If you have sent/transferred XDC on Ledger then please access your Ledger wallet through this Beta web wallet:

Again need to clear that, BlocksScan Explorer does not hold any assets. It just an interface where Blockchain users can find the information and details of their transaction done.