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The most revolutionary way for people who are looking for business startup developments and also to get patents for their final product which secures its databases under blockchain technology.

Team Members:

  • Barathan K
  • Bangarru Srijesh M
  • Dhayanand GB
  • Ajay D

To motivate the productivity of entrepreneurial projects regardless of money and partnerships, along with their project plans and data security.
And also to avoid duplicating plans and designs by providing government-authorized patents for their final products.

Startup Hub is the most innovative place for every individual who is interested in starting up their business ideas into a real business, irrespective of the money required for the start-up process. Only 10% of the Youngsters are ready for building up their businesses, but most of them don't have enough resources such as money, partnership, etc.. for developing their ideas. As this project is implemented under the XDC blockchain network, the ownership and project idea of the entrepreneur will be secured. Thus no one else can copy or modify the scheme of the final product.

Working process:
First, the companies and the users must authenticate their identities. Once the project is posted in the startup hub, the companies available at the hub can contact the person if they are interested in the project idea and ready to fund, it also provides partnerships among the company and the individual. The whole process will be done under the XDC network which gives them proper security and a better environment for working. If the project requires extra technical members/assistants, the project plan will be displayed for every technical person under similar domains present at the hub, in case if they are interested they can apply their resume for further recruitment. Copyright patents will be provided for their source code as well as for their outcome. Since a patent is provided copying or duplicating the product scheme is not possible.

How we build:
We used HTML and CSS for our front-end and added our databases to the XDC blockchain network. we build this hub with collaboration among teammates and support from our college.

Challenges we ran into:
Getting a government-authorized patent is quite difficult as compared to private patents since it has more value.
Promoting a startup hub among the biggest companies is quite difficult.
Analyzing recent patents available in government databases to check whether the product implemented does not belong to some other companies.
Authenticating the companies and users before they are allowed to have their place in the hub.

What we learned:
we learned about how blockchain works and how to mine it. we also gained knowledge of flutter and how to store our databases under certain blockchain networks(XDC).

What's next for startup hub:
Our next big step is to implement this startup hub not only in India but around the world. we also provide government copyright patents for the products and secure them using the blockchain.
Build with:

  • Flutter
  • XDC Network
  • PLI Plugin
  • JavaScript

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