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XDC Ride - Decentralized cab booking system

Cab Booking android and IOS dapp flutter XDC Network👋

A simple peer to peer ridesharing blockchain dapp built using XDC Network smart contracts. The project have been developed for PLI BLOCKATHON INDIA '22. We worked with a inspiring team of 4 members. We have lost on the hackathon, but we have learnt so many things. Below is our project we have developed for the 36 hours blockathon.

🔗 Demo Link

Android Apk

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Ride status

Book Ride

Login using XDC

NearBy Rides for drivers


we have also worked on website using flutter web and flutter_web3 package. Below are the screenshots.

XDC Network Smart Contracts

With billions of taxi rides being booked online through several platforms, taxi booking websites and apps have taken over the traditional call to book or manual booking systems. The service is also rapidly increasing its users each and every year. Lakhs of drivers have started using the platform and depend on it completely.

But, the commission percentage is a way too high starting from 15% to as high as upto 40%. The riders are not happy about it. Drivers fear of slavery and reduced income, losing ownership and independence. The platforms just concentrate on their own profits.

The above problems could be solved by developing a decentralized cab booking system. Since the current platforms use centralised databases and communicate with the app through their servers, the platforms have the permission to decide everything, starting from fare, commission, and directions. So the platforms, after gaining popularity, just increase their commission.

What if we replaced the centralised database with a decentralised application built with blockchain, where all rides are securely recorded as smart contacts? It would increase transparency on fares, pickup and drop locations, distance and duration of trips, and thus reduce fare cheating. Also, drivers need not pay commissions to the platforms.

Our Team


The hackathon was thoroughly interesting, inspiring and informational. We were completely unaware about blockchain technology before the event, but now we got good idea on blockchain. Developing our first blockchain Dapp on XDC network was super exciting. Mentors supported us throughout the event. Free goodies for all paticipants, small fun activities in between, interaction between participants and organizers were fun.

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