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[Proposal] Native interoperability of liquidity and NFT assets for XDC with Asterizm

This proposal outlines the implementation of enterprise-grade Asterizm blockchain interoperability protocol to the XDC network.
The key idea is to introduce new capabilities to the XDC network for the community to create products that interact with liquidity and users not only from other public networks but also enable the creation of projects with corporations and governments utilizing their private chains.

Brief project summary
Asterizm is an enterprise-grade blockchain interoperability solution with plug and play infrastructure tailored for corporate web3, fintech and government projects.

Asterizm protocol key features:

  1. Confidentiality of the transferred data is ensured by the client off-chain module. We supply a Docker image for the client, which the client deploys on its server to transfer the payload. The transaction proofs are transmitted through relay servers. As a result, the relays do not have access to the transmitted data, which is especially important for communication between private networks.

  2. The Asterizm architecture doesn't require off-chain consensus. All integrity and validity checks of the cross-chain transactions take place on-chain on the smart contracts of the client and within the Asterizm Connector. We use the hash function from the payload and the unique xID generated on the client contract in the source network to secure cross-chain transactions.
    There is no need to constantly sync blockchain states - all transactions are discrete.

Proposal Summary
We propose implementing the Asterizm interoperability protocol in the XDC network to connect it with already integrated top networks (18 at the time of writing). This will provide the ability to swiftly launch cross-chain products with popular logic based on ready-made modules from Asterizm, not only between XDC and public networks but also between XDC and private EVM or TVM networks.
(As of the end of December 2023, Asterizm already supports the following chains: Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, BSC, Optimism, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Celo, Boba, Aurora, Venidium, Bahamut, Base, Linea, Mantle, Gnosis, Everscale, Venom).

This includes the following:

  • Deploying the Asterizm Connector (a set of smart contracts for verifying the validity and integrity of cross-chain transactions) on testnet and mainnet of the networks,
  • Configuring the off-chain module for the client-server as a Docker image (enables reading and writing to the network),
  • Setting up of the off-chain relay modules (enables reading and writing to the network),
  • Deploying a cross-chain native NFT standard to streamline product launches,
  • Deploying a cross-chain FT standard to streamline product launches,
  • Deploying a cross-chain asset bridge module for quick integration of own bridge into existing protocols on XDC, aiming to attract liquidity from other networks,
  • Integration of XDC into product for quick replenishment of web3 wallet in XDC network with zero native coin balance native (XDC coin),
  • Conducting a marketing campaign to attract the attention of the XDC developer community and other networks to the new opportunities in cross-chain development with XDC.

Project Rationale
Primarily, we see a synergy between Asterizm and XDC, as our projects are oriented towards attracting and working with enterprises from the Web2 space. Additionally, there are at least two reasons to consider interoperability with other public and private blockchains:

  1. The market for blockchain platforms is highly fragmented, with users and liquidity unable to seamlessly interact with their preferred protocols regardless of the network where they run.
    This severely limits the ability to compete with already famous and well-known networks, even by providing better technology or products.
    Without a quick, user-friendly pathway to interact with the protocol and move liquidity, users would require a significant amount of time to adapt to a new network unfamiliar to them.

  2. One of the decisive factors in mass adoption and industry development is the integration of traditional enterprises into the market and the launch of pilot projects that provide blockchain-based business advantages. Due to regulations and corporate practices, many companies initiate pilots in the blockchain industry using private DLTs. In this situation, there is a need for a solution that can facilitate the exchange of assets between private and public chains without compromising security and ensuring data privacy and legal compliance.

Project Objective
Open up the opportunity for projects within the XDC ecosystem to exchange data and assets not only between public networks but also with private ones, creating new products and unlocking incredible prospects for the development of the blockchain industry, where XDC-based projects will be the headline drivers of progress.

Project Deliverables

  1. Implemented Asterizm interoperability protocol (deployed contracts, configured servers, and updated development documentation for the XDC network);
  2. Ready-to-launch popular cross-chain modules deployed for testing on the network (cross-chain native NFT, cross-chain native FT, cross-chain asset bridge);
  3. XDC network integrated into the product for quick zero-balance wallet top-up;
  4. Social media promotion campaign with a customer story on integrating cross-chain operations on the XDC network to attract developers' communities from other networks;
  5. Ongoing technical support of the XDC community chats on the Asterizm Discord server and Telegram.

Asterizm Website: []
Asterizm White Paper: []
Asterizm Github: []
Asterizm Twitter: []

Our Team:
These are the Co-Founders and core members. For additional details, please refer to the "Core Team" slide in our Deck.

Artem Avdeev, Co-Founder, Product Owner, brings over 8 years of experience to the team. He is an alumnus of Techstars London 2023 and has a strong track record in the crypto industry. Artem co-founded, a cross-chain aggregator and router, and served as a portfolio manager at Warp Capital, a DeFi Hedge Fund. He also held positions as COO at Indacoin, specializing in crypto and online payments, and as a co-founder and PM at Webstoryz, an e-commerce SaaS platform. Artem has successfully launched several IT and crypto startups, including ventures in VPN, p2p exchange, and payments.

Denis Polulyakhov, Co-Founder, CBDO, CMO, brings more than 13 years of experience to the team. He is also a Techstars London 2023 alumnus and co-founded Denis has been an IT entrepreneur since 2010 and possesses extensive knowledge of the blockchain industry. He founded Carbyn Group, a crypto VC studio, and has been a public speaker at over 50 crypto conferences, including prestigious institutions like Harvard and Columbia University. With his in-depth understanding of the market, Denis plays a crucial role in the team as the Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Alex Gotovets, Co-Founder, CTO, has accumulated over 15 years of experience in the field. Like his fellow co-founders, he is a Techstars London 2023 alumnus. Alex served as the CTO of, overseeing the development of the cross-chain aggregator and router. He has held various technical leadership positions in companies such as PointPay and Indacoin, specializing in crypto and online payments. Alex also played a key role as a Tech Lead at Webstoryz, an e-commerce SaaS platform. Throughout his career, he has successfully managed multiple high-load projects in payments, crypto, e-commerce, and m-commerce.

Dmitriy Meshkov, one of our investors and science advisor, brings 14+ years of experience and holds a Ph.D. in Physics. He is an accomplished author of research papers in areas such as cryptography, distributed systems, and computational complexity theory. Dmitriy has made significant contributions to the Ergo and Waves platforms through his work as a researcher at IOHK. His groundbreaking concepts have also found application in Facebook's project Libra. Additionally, Dmitriy is a Co-Founder of the Ergo platform and is a Founder and CEO of Circlegain.

Collectively, the team currently consists of 12 highly experienced professionals with a diverse range of expertise, including blockchain development, product management, business development, marketing, technology leadership, and scientific research.

⁃ Techstars London powered by Polygon accelerator alumni (Spring batch 2023)
⁃ Live on Mainnet
⁃ 18 blockchains connected (EVM & TVM) by Oct ’23, more in the pipeline
⁃ Security audit successfully passed (performed by HashEx)
⁃ 8 clients (B2B) are building their products on top of Asterizm,
⁃ Integrated Fireblocks as an enterprise-oriented infrastructure for extra-secure private key storage and internal role/permission distribution,
-Added the functionality to run external relays at the capacities of our authorized partners,

⁃ Our team is consulting SWIFT concerning cross-chain messaging and two Tier-2 enterprises concerning asset tokenization (under NDA).


Milestone 1:

  1. Initial Integration Phase (14-day sprint) Asterizm Connector module deployment: This milestone involves deploying and testing the smart contracts that perform the functions of sending, receiving, and verifying the validity and integrity of cross-chain transactions.

The set of smart contracts includes:

  • Initializer smart contract - serves as a proxy contract with additional checks for nonces, hashes, and other parameters.
  • Translator smart contract - responsible for receiving and sending transaction proofs.
  • Client abstraction contract - manages the reception and sending of payloads, executes the business logic for cross-chain operations, and performs checks for validity and integrity.
  1. Asterizm Client server module integration: Integration of the XDC network into the server module installed on the client's server.
  2. Asterizm Relayer server module integration: Integration of the XDC network into the server module installed on the relay server.

Milestone 2:
Deployment of popular Asterizm-based cross-chain modules (7-day sprint)

It includes the deployment of test modules of popular cross-chain products:

  • cross-chain native NFT standard
  • cross-chain native FT standard
  • cross-chain asset bridge (wrapped)
  • cross-chain asset bridge (pools)

Conducting a marketing campaign to popularize the use of cross-chain operations within the XDC community, featuring descriptions of potential benefits and use cases based on modules for the quick launch of new projects/products.

Milestone 3:
XDC network integration into Gas Charger product (7-day sprint)

Integration of the XDC network into the Asterizm-based product - (Gas Charger).
With Gas Charger, any user from other networks will be able to top-up their wallet with XDC tokens in a single transaction, even if they have a zero balance in the XDC network.
This will be the first cross-chain product based on Asterizm in the XDC network, allowing users to quickly top-up wallets with zero balances with XDC native tokens and begin exploring the ecosystem of the network.

This sprint includes the following tasks:

  • Deployment of Gas Charger smart contracts on the XDC network (management + liquidity storage),
  • Frontend update (addition of the network and related calculations),
  • Testing of the functionality.

Project Category
Enterprise-grade blockchain interoperability

**Benefits to the XDC Community:
**Asterizm interoperability solution will allow projects within the ecosystem to implement cross-chain operations, targeting the attraction of liquidity and users from other networks. It will also facilitate the implementation of unique pilot projects in collaboration with companies operating in private networks.

  • The ability to attract liquidity and users from other networks,
  • The opportunity to launch pilot projects with companies in private networks (both EVM and non-EVM),
  • The opportunity to attract web2 enterprises into web3, including companies that require privacy of the transmitted data,
  • Saving money and time on the development of popular use cases in cross-chain products due to the availability of ready-made Asterizm modules.

Budget and Project Roadmap:
Milestone 1: USD $20,000 for the implementation of the Asterizm Connector and off-chain modules on XDC.
Milestone 2: USD $15,000 for deploying ready-to-use modules and a marketing campaign
Milestone 3: USD $10,000 for integration of XDC network to the Gas Charger product + liquidity.

Total Budget: USD $45,000

Asterizm, a duly registered commercial organization in the United States, is fully eligible to receive funding upon the acceptance of the proposal.

Community Attraction Plans
The attraction and engagement of the developer community are planned to be organized through AMA sessions. Additionally, customer stories and guides on launching cross-chain applications will be published on Asterizm’s social media.

Given XDC's focus on the enterprise market, we plan to promote the network in our pilot projects with corporations utilizing private chains for their business processes.

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