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🌐🔒📂 Building a Decentralized File Sharing DApp with Solidity, Ethereum, and React.js: A Twitter Thread 📂🔒🌐

1/ Decentralized File Sharing DApp: Welcome to a journey where we'll explore the creation of a decentralized file-sharing DApp using #Solidity, #Ethereum, and #ReactJS. Get ready to experience the power of blockchain and decentralized storage!

2/ Solidity Smart Contract: Our foundation is a Solidity smart contract that manages file storage and access. Users can upload files, set permissions, and retrieve data. We'll use #IPFS for decentralized storage, ensuring data immutability.

3/ React.js Frontend: The user-friendly web interface is built with #ReactJS. It enables user registration, file uploads, and access management. Elegant design and error handling enhance the user experience.

4/ Ethereum and Web3.js: We integrate our DApp with the Ethereum blockchain using #Web3.js. Users can connect their wallets like #MetaMask for secure transactions. Blockchain interactions include file uploads and access control.

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