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Atul Khekade
Atul Khekade

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Starting TradeFinex Live Pilot Transactions

We are looking to connect regulated Trade Finance originators with members and institutions from the community who want to participate in Pilot Transactions in a couple of weeks :

  1. The community members and institutions will need to onboard themselves as an accredited investor/institution with a regulated custodian and securities broker dealer (To be shared later)

  2. The participants should have minimum 5,000 FXD to stake in TradeFinex Pools with regulated originators

  3. The participants Will need to whitelist themselves with to be able to mint 5,000 FXD sufficiently over-collateralised with XDC

  4. Institutional Participants will need minimum ticket size of 50,000 FXD (sufficiently over-collateralised with XDC)

  5. FXD will always maintain 1:1 stable-swap ratio with USDT/USDC

  6. Interested participants can go to "Apply to whitelist" option on

Disclaimer : The Pilot Transactions on are only to demonstrate ability of the protocol underneath. Pools Creation and listing will be directly and only accessible to regulated institutions and it's access points to regulated broker dealers.

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Ronald Mitchell

Its been a long time coming. So very excited to see TradeFinex finally going LIVE in the near future!