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[Solved] Query about XDC Mainnet Gas Price Post-XDPoS 2.0 Upgrade

Hi XDC community,

If there are any developers from the XDC team present here, I have a question regarding XDPoS 2.0. I understand that on the Apothem network, the Gas Price has changed as follows:

Before the upgrade:

  • Gas Limit & Gas Used By Txn: 21,000 | 21,000 (100.00%)
  • Gas Price: 0.00000000025 XDC (0.25 Gwei)

After the upgrade:

  • Gas Limit & Gas Used By Txn: 21,000 | 21,000 (100.00%)
  • Gas Price: 0.0000000125 XDC (12.5 Gwei)

I would like to know if this change to 12.5 Gwei for Gas Price in Apothem will also be applied to the Mainnet. The reason I ask is that when the Apothem network transitioned to XDPoS 2.0, transactions on the Plugin 2.0 nodes failed to complete because the Gas Price exceeded the set limit. Adjusting the settings resolved the issue, allowing transactions to complete. Since a similar situation could occur on the Mainnet, if the Gas Price is expected to be 12.5 Gwei with XDPoS 2.0 there as well, it might be wise to start setting up validator nodes from now to prepare for this change.

Thanks for your time and insights,

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yes, the gas price changes will be applied to the Mainnet too.

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11ppm Author • Edited on

Thank you for your response🙏 I understand that gas prices are going up. I want to know the specific numbers.

Just to confirm once again, is it correct that the gas price on the mainnet with XDPoS2.0 is also 12.5 Gwei ?

I appreciate the support.

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Daniel Liu • Edited on

Yes, the gas price of mainnet will also be changed to 12.5 gwei later.

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Naresh Mohanraj

When can we expect this changes??

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11ppm Author

Thank you for your reply. appreciate it🙏