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JavaSDK, JS libs for contract interaction and remix questions

Hello there.
Please I need help in 3 topics, and I appreciate any comments on them:

1- JavaSDK - I noticed in the documentation that a JavaSDK exists to interact with the contracts, however, I could not find where to download it from. Does anyone has a link to git repo where I can download it, please?

2- JS to interact with the deployed contracts. I am trying to use either web3.js and ethers.js to interact with the deployed contracts. I am currently able to call view functions sucesscully however when I try to call setter functions an error occurs where it appers to be something related to the signer. I am not sure but probably because of the xdc replacing 0x. If anyone could put a light on this it would be very helpful, please.

3- Remix: While I am figuring out how to interact with deployed contracts using code, I am trying to use remix. However transactions in the remix seem to never execute, it keeps pending forever and I am not able to interact with the contracts. Is someone facing the same error?

I appreciate any help on those topics please!!!

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ruslan wing • Edited on

1) Please find the Github where you can find all the code base, or you can also check out

2) You will have to use XDC3 you can find it at, or you can find the documentation for ether.js at

3) And regarding the pending remix issue on the remix, it will be pending, but when you check the explorer at, the transaction have been executed