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Need to promote unity and participation in the XDC holder community

I'm not a developer, but I'd like to suggest ideas for leveraging SBT that the XDC holder community needs.

Please see the link below first.
It is a blockchain version of the link tree called "SOULINK" based on the Ethereum chain using SBT and NFT developed by a domestic developer.

The community of XDC network holders is currently in the midst of a downturn in the cryptocurrency market, so if you need any suggestions or help for the XDC ecosystem, everyone should participate and show a high level of interest.
However, we are showing weaker cohesion than other blockchain communities.
No one is interested in XDC except to make money by raising the price of XDC.
However, in order to increase the value of XDC, utility is very important, but I think community solidarity is also very important.
Therefore, it would be good to refer to "SOULINK" to prepare a connection space for the XDC holder using an NFT such as SBT or DOMAIN.

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