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Vincent Chen
Vincent Chen

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Supra Oracle and VRF Deployment Grant

Applicant Details:

Personal Information:
Vincent Chen

About you:
Team background and bios can be found here. The research team is led by Dr. Aniket Kate, inventor of KZG Polynomial Commitments used in Ethereum 2.0 scaling / danksharding.
The team is working at Supra full-time.

Grant Application Details:

Grant Category:
Applications and Integrations

Project Description:
Supra is a middleware network pioneering cross-chain solutions across L1 and L2 ecosystems to power Web3 applications. Supra as an “IntraLayer” is a powerful framework that brings a novel framework of solutions together - oracles, VRFs, and a native cross-chain messaging protocol through singular shared-security infrastructure.

Supra provides decentralized oracle price feeds that can be used for on-chain and off-chain use-cases such as spot and perpetual DEXes, lending protocols, and payments protocols. Supra’s oracle chain and consensus algorithm makes it the fastest-to-finality oracle provider, with layer-1 security guarantees. Aside from speed and security, Supra’s rotating node architecture gathers data from 20+ data sources and applies a robust calculation methodology to get the most accurate value. The node provenance on the data dashboard also provides a fully transparent historical audit trail. Supra’s Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA) paper was accepted into ICDCS 2023, the oldest distributed systems conference.

Supra’s Distributed Verifiable Random Function (dVRF) solution provides unbiased, unpredictable, and provably fair randomness for blockchain gaming and casinoFi use-cases such as loot boxes, NFT-minting, character upgrades, odds-based games, and on-chain lotteries. Supra’s VRF design uses a novel non-interactive Distributed Key Generation (NI-DKG), allowing it to be very low-latency and cryptographically secure. Here’s a VRF one-pager. Supra’s dVRF paper was accepted into ACM CCS 2023, a top cybersecurity conference.

Learn more through our decks, videos, litepapers and whitepapers here. Check out our developer docs here.


Project Goals and Aspirations:
This grant will allow us to allocate the necessary backend/infrastructure, smart contract, and full stack developers to deploy oracle price feed (pull and push models), as well as decentralized verifiable random function (dVRF) services to XDC Network.

Supra’s oracle price feed and dVRF services are superior to competitors in terms of being low-latency and gas-efficient while maintaining layer-1 security guarantees.

Oracle price feeds and dVRF are deployed on 21 mainnets, and we plan to continue to deploy to promising ecosystems like XDC, and be on 40+ mainnets by the end of Q1 2024.
The EVM/Solidity implementations for oracle price feeds and dVRF are already audited.

We support 172 active trading pairs, and plan to continue to add. FX data is rolling out soon, and we’re looking into equities data.

Cross-chain messaging and automation are on the roadmap for 2024.

Supra has 650K emailing list, 232K X followers, 156K Discord users, 29K Telegram members.

$50,000 worth of XDC (or USDC) to allocate resources to deploy Supra oracle price feed and dVRF services to XDC mainnet. We’ll liquidate to fund the development.

To prioritize this, we will allocate:

1 backend/infrastructure developer
2 smart contract developers
1 full stack developer

with an estimated timeline of 4-6 weeks for mainnet deployment. The services will be available for testing on testnet before then.

All Supra services (now and in the future) will be revenue-generating: oracle price feeds, dVRF, cross-chain messaging, automation.

Entropy Foundation, (Switzerland: CHE.383.364.961)
Sielva Management SA
Gubelstrasse 11
Zug, Switzerland 6300

Entropy Foundation

Additional Information
We can help with custom price feeds relevant to the XDC ecosystem, and support deFi/gameFi dapps.

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0xbeny profile image

Amazing Integration on network!

I'm curious to know the below questions:

1- Are all the services going to be launch on Apothem before Mainnet?

2- Is it going to support XDC's ecosystem tokens by default in Price Feed?

supra_vinny profile image
Vincent Chen Author • Edited on
  1. Yes, we will deploy the services to testnet and undergo stress testing and audit before going to XDC Mainnet.

  2. As long as we have data sources (e.g. the tokens are traded on DEXs or CEXs), we can support price feeds for them. Feel free to share a list of data feeds requested.

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Great post

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Robert Aronovici

Thanks for sharing! We'll reach out to the community and see how they engage!