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[Solved] eth_estimateGas RPC Method on Apothem with ERC20 transfer always return execution reverted error

Hi teams and members,

I deploy a ERC20 token contract via Remix. It can transfer and all function are work well, but eth_estimateGas are always return execution reverted error, and i try to use the same input data and arbitrary gas limit to send transaction, it's work and transaction success, does anyone encounter the similar error before ?

This is my test ERC20 token

If anyone need the token to test, just let me know i will send you as soon as possible


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Steven Lin Author

issue solved, becuz i use go-ethereum as client to call jsonRPC, the jsonRPC parameters has changed the field data to input after 1.13 version, but XDC Network is compatible with 1.12 which use field data as contract call hex data.
the issue refer to