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steve bray
steve bray

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HI ALL! Need help XDC wallet recovery


This is the wallet I created to run a SRX node. It was a desktop extension. I thought it was XINFIN wallet. I now use the XINpay wallet. I tried to recover it.. I found that my seed phrase only had 10 words not 12???? Now I'm wondering what wallet did I download originally or did I somehow screw up the recovery words? its possible but I'm usually good about that..

  1. what wallet provider is the wallet?
  2. Anything I can do to recover it?

Any insight or advice would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

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Mohit Dhiman

XDCPay formerly Xinpay is an in-house browser extension wallet.

Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done if you don't have all the 12 seed phrases with you. That is the only way to recover the wallet.