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Certificate Verification using Blockchain & IPFS


The inspiration for this project came upon mainly to resolve the manual work of verifying marksheets and to check the genuinity of the marksheets provided by the institution/university.

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What it does

  • The purpose of this project is to reduce the time taken for the certificate verification process.
  • To keep the records safely in the Block Chain network without any third-party involvement in a decentralized environment safely.

Certificate Authority

Admin Side

  • Admin uploads the student details from the database.
  • Admin uploads the marksheet in IPFS.
  • Generated hash is stored in the blockchain network.
  • On the request of the user, login credentials are given.

- By using that, the user can login and verify their certificates/marksheets.

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User Side

  • Request the login credentials from the admin.
  • After receiving the login credentials, they can login & can upload their certificate.
  • On clicking the verify option, a hash is generated & that hash is checked with the hash that has already been stored in the block chain network.
  1. If the same images are uploaded, the hashes generated will be equal & genuine.
  2. If the uploaded image is different, a different hash will be generated.

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How we built it

  • We built this using using XDCpay, solidity, React js , jquery, bootstrap.
  • The Certificates are stored and retrieved using IPFS.

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Challenges we ran into

  • The challenges we ran into were to minimize the transaction fees per transaction.
  • Keeping up with the current technology & updates which supports the solidity and other blockchain works.

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Accomplishments that we're proud of


  • We were able to store & retrieve the data(certificate) and hash from the blockchain which helps many institutions, companies to reduce cost and time.
  • What we learned
  • After uploading a data in the blockchain network it is impossible to hack.
  • By implementing this technology for this problem, any change in the blockchain network can be identified easily - Counterparty risk removal
  • (No Alteration).
  • Trust maximized agreement – Unbreakable promises.

What's next for Certificate Verification

  • We are planning to implement the Certification Verification mechanism using blockchain concept in our college and in a large-scale market.
  • We are also going to implement this by creating an app by which a large amount of people can benefit with just a click of a button.

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naveenkumar_a_0508 profile image
Naveenkumar A

Good idea. Definitely this reduces the manual work

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Priyadarshini N

Great idea 💡

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Aldo Stalin J L

Great go ahead

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Nithish kumar

Great effort good idea of implementation 👏💥

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Ms Harshitaa