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[Informative] Decentralized Confidential Computing (DeCC) for XDC Applications

Hello XDC developer community,

We're excited to share with you that Secret Network’s Confidential Computing Layer is now integrated with XDC testnet and mainnet, bringing decentralized confidential computing (DeCC) to XDC! What does this mean for devs?

You can now build XDC applications that utilize encrypted data, via cross-chain communication with Secret Network. This unlocks powerful new capabilities, for example:

  • Encrypted data linked to XDC NFTs (useful for tokenizing RWAs)
  • Private voting for XDC DAOs
  • Encrypted storage for XDC applications
  • Secure random number generation for XDC games
  • Sealed-bid auctions for XDC NFTs and other assets
  • Encrypted order books for XDC DeFi applications

How to integrate Secret's CCL

You can integrate Secret's CCL into an existing XDC application, or design a new application from the ground up to take advantage of the unique use-cases it enables.

To start, check out Secret Network’s Confidential Computing Layer landing page to get an overview of how it works, and example use-cases for inspiration. From there you’ll find multiple links to Secret's CCL documentation:

Basics - explains the cross-chain communication technologies used, and how to connect a MetaMask wallet to Secret Network.

Use-cases - provides tutorials showing how to build various types of EVM applications using Secret’s CCL. All of these tutorials can be used to connect Linea cross-chain with Secret Network.

Supported Networks - provides a list of gateway contract addresses. This is how your XDC application will communicate with Secret.

Get Support​

To get CCL development help, you can ask in the Secret Network Discord or Telegram. If you want to get in touch with the Secret Network developer relations team directly, you can also use this form, or just reply to this post! We’re happy to help anyone looking to use this technology.

We’re looking forward to seeing some awesome applications get built with this tooling!

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sean_ profile image

Fantastic work Secret team! Welcome to XDC community!

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Robert Aronovici

Amazing work! Let's keep building the infrastructure for the future!