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[Informative] PublicNexus RPC/WSS Upgrade Completed - Mainnet/Apothem, RPC/WSS, xdc/0x prefixes all now supported

Quick update to the community that we have completed several days of dev work and deployed our planned upgrades to PublicNexus.

New PublicNexus Features

PublicNexus is now live with access points for:

  • Mainnet Standard RPC
  • Mainnet 0x-enabled RPC
  • Mainnet Standard WSS
  • Mainnet 0x-enabled WSS
  • Apothem Standard RPC
  • Apothem 0x-enabled RPC
  • Apothem Standard WSS
  • Apothem 0x-enabled WSS

Full details for each access point are available here.

We have tightened up the timing of automated tests run to identify public RPC/WSS's that fail or start to lag, such that the maximum exposure is now 15sec before PublicNexus fixes itself by removing the problematic RPC/WSS (instead of 1min as previously).

We will be adding support for Mainnet and Apothem ARCHIVE nodes shortly.

PublicNexus and

Since first becoming involved with the XDC Project in July 2017, the operators of and PublicNexus have been committed to providing quality information, services, infrastructure and other contributions to the decentralised XDC Network.

Our approach has been to privately foster growth by providing appropriate solutions where necessary and possible. This has led to the birth of and PublicNexus (amongst other initiatives).

As part of our commitment to providing quality offerings to the XDC Network, PublicNexus servers have been colocated in a data centre that services both government and industry clients, and offers 1Gb/10Gb fibre pair connectivity.

The highest user-reported data-throughput from our servers (when downloading our XDC Blockchain Daily Snapshot for Rapid Node Deployment) has been 2.4Gbit/sec (works out to ~17min to download the entire XDC chain snapshot).

What we have planned next

  • We have already deployed several XDC Geth Clients and their associated RPC/WSS endpoints over the last few months (incl multicore CPUs, 32GB RAM) and we will look at integrating these gradually into the backend of PublicNexus
  • We will be adding ARCHIVE NODE access point URLs for both Mainnet and Apothem
  • We will consider tightening further the RPC/WSS endpoint testing times during future update deployments
  • Lots more... (but some has to remain under wraps for now until closer to deployment)

What YOU can do

PublicNexus as a stable access point for the community is more effective when there are more working RPC/WSS endpoints on the backend. The more access points available, the less the impact of any one endpoint going down.

The number of requests that go to a faulty endpoint before it is excised can be successfully diluted by the total number of working endpoints available at that point in time.

An RPC can be simple to run and can even be set up to run at your home/office. It also doesn't need to run 24/7 and can always catch up with the rest of the chain when it is switched on. We will be working on publishing information that will make it simpler for the average community member to run and secure their own RPC endpoint on hardware they may already have. If after doing so, you would like to help the community by donating some access from your own RPC or WSS endpoint to the backend of PublicNexus, please reach out to us at and we can look at possibly integrating it as well.

Other than that, just enjoy the simplicity and reliability of using the RPC/WSS access points we've provided and let us know if you encounter any issues!


If anyone requires commercial access to a private reliable fault-tolerant high-speed RPC cluster, let us know and we may be able to help facilitate that separately.

- s4njk4n

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