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XDC Network utilities and usecase

Lets Discuss About XinFin's usecase and Utilities based projects.

I am creating Thread around XDC Eco-system projects, Please add your comments if i am missing something:

1) XDC Network is growing with the increase in utilities & projects being built on #XDCNetwork.

Let’s look at the projects one by one in no particular order.

Note: This thread is only for community awareness & not endorsement, please #DYOR on the projects.

XDCUtility #BuiltonXDC

2) StorXNetwork is a decentralized cloud storage network that empowers users to store their data securely on the decentralized Storage Network. StorX also enables users with spare storage capacity to lease space and earn. Find more details about StorX at

StorX #SRX

3) Travalacom is the most epic cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking service with 2.2 million properties, over 400k activities in 230 countries, and 600 airlines globally.

Travala supports $XDC for your hotel/flight booking.



4) Xceltrip is a cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking service with 1.5+ million hotels and 400+ airline companies globally.
XcelTrip supports $XDC for your hotel/flight booking.

XcelTrip #TravelWithXDC

5) ComTechOfficial is redefining the tokenization infrastructure by digitization of Gold using Blockchain that allows both institutional & retail communities to get access to Gold electronically anywhere across the Globe
1 Gram of Gold = 1 $CGO token

6) GoPlugin , a decentralized oracle platform, provides cost-effective solutions for any smart contract on the #XDCNetwork ecosystem. Also Provide powerful data oracle for #decentralized #weather data

PLI #Plugin

7) Lawblockstoken is a user-friendly, decentralized Legal document storage Platform built on XDCNetwork.



8) LedgerMail is the world's first Decentralized Email Service that combines the power of blockchain, XDPoS consensus, cryptographic algorithms, & zero trust mechanism with a mission of Protecting the Digital Rights of Email users.


9) Metabloqs is a virtual world powered by XDC Network that fits in with users' diverse needs whether you want to pick a skillset, engage in networking, or enjoy some time playing. #Metabloqs is the first #Metaverse built on #XDCNetwork

10) XSwapProtocol is a decentralized exchange for XRC20 tokens and is built on the XDC Network. It allows all customers to Swap & Earn inside pools.

XSP #XSwap

11) Globiance is a group of regulated/licensed exchanges and financial institutions. It offers centralized and decentralized exchange for #XRC20

GBEX #Globiance

12) XDSeaNFT is the world's first and largest peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace for buying and selling #NFTs built on the XDC Network (XRC) blockchain.

XDSEA #NFTMarketplace

13) xdcnft marketplace is one of the quickest, smartest, and most anticipated marketplaces on the XRC20 blockchain.


14) Impel_official is ISO 20022 compliant messaging: Redefining the standard for cross-border payments and financial messaging system on XDC Network.

ISO20022 #Impel

15) PrimeNumbersFi is a DAO that generates scholarships for students and their community through #NFTs and #DEFI.


@Blockdegree_org provides online blockchain training to engineers and professionals with verified certifications that are stored on XDC network.

Blockdegree #education

17) TradeFinex is a network for Trade Finance Originators to Distribute Trade Assets to the Growing Class of Alternative Asset Investors.


18) Cycle_bit is a tool for retailers to accept digital payments in-store, online, or on the go. From now on, any product can be paid for using $XDC tokens, with the whole transaction taking just a few seconds.


19) DATACHAINDC is an Infrastructure for a data-driven world where AI will process trillions of data in real-time to provide accurate recommendations: building the Internet of Value.

DC #Datachain

20) crypterium provides XDC and other Crypto top-up facilities to pre-paid cards. It also helps business monetize their audience by providing crypto, banking, and VISA card issuance services with its SDK program.


21) EcoinOfficial aims to the mass adoption of cryptocurrency with the help of ‘world’s first AI driven proxy identity platform’ along with ‘world’s easiest crypto onboarding’ powered by Social Mining, Cashbacks Mining and Incentivized Mining


22) usnotacoin is an stable coin built on XDC Network, aims to make global payments, effortless, secured, super fast without the costs of the traditional forms of payment like cards and banks.


23) BlocksScan is an explorer partner for #XDCNetwork. It is a Block Explorer and Analytics Platform for $XDC and other #Crypto decentralized smart contracts platforms.


24) Yodaplus Multi-Sig Safe is the most trusted platform for managing digital assets on XinFin Block Chain. Yplusvault is the first #multisig #wallet built on #XDCNetwork


25) The mention of all the above projects is just for community awareness & not for endorsement. Comment below the projects that are built on #XDCNetwork but not covered in the above list. Let's create an informative thread for the #XDCcommunity.

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Please Post your feedback/Suggestion as comments.

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