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XRC20 Token transfers not showing on explorer for Txns in August 2022

I have seen few anomalies in display of XRC20 Token transfers in lately - it may all be connected, but not sure.
A> When an XRC20 token is staked per SmartContract it used to be visible when you search using that TXn hash, but as of few days at least that transactions happened recently it does not show up. Btw, today's TXns are showing XRC20 transfers correctly!
Overview shows a line
"XRC20 Transfer: From xdc-address To xdc-address For 1,000 XRC20-name" for older TXn say month ago one and also newer ones from September 1 onwards, and the whole line not shown for one in last August TXns (for example Txn from August 31st).
Hard to fathom how come TXns sometime between early August through end of August TXNs still don't show the XRC20 Token Transfer info in explorer.

Good news is actual token transfer has happened and no issue s- thank god :)

B> Ok let me just mention another scenario without going much into detail atm, some cases, only partial list of XRC20 transaction are shown here instead of all the TXns even though it was executed at same time:

PS: Sorry for a long message

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We would like to inform you that due to glitch in BlocksScan Exporter service Proxy-Contract based tokens were not indexed hence it was not visible on Explorer, We have fixed glitch instantly and now those transactions should be visible.

Kindly share txhash if token transfer details still missing.

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samsam Author

Thank you. Part "A" issue seems resolved, thank you very much.

For part "B", I will collect some specifics and update more details.