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Nevena Tomović
Nevena Tomović

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[Informative] Bringing Tenderly Tooling & Node to XDC

What’s included in this proposal

  • Application Details
  • How the Tenderly-XDC Network partnership brings value
  • How Tenderly improves developer experience on the XDC Network
  • Business model and commercial terms
  • Integration timeline
  • Tooling and infrastructure vendor alliance
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Useful resources to learn about Tenderly
  • Tenderly case studies & guides

Application Details

Nevena Tomovic - Strategic Partnership Manager @Tenderly

Contact details:

How the Tenderly-XDC Network partnership brings value

The XDC Network has achieved remarkable growth, and the partnership with Tenderly can propel that growth even further by providing support for innovation and expansion. At the core of this partnership is empowering and enabling developers in the XDC community and broadening the network's reach to position the XDC Network as one of the largest ecosystems.

Our mission is to create a seamless experience for developers transitioning and developing across multiple EVM chains by providing them with powerful development tools and infrastructure in one place. We are fully committed to creating and fostering a community of developers on the XDC Network. This collaboration offers extensive benefits with promising growth for the XDC Network and its ecosystem.

Key highlights include:

  • All initial network integration costs are covered by us, so you don’t have to worry about pricing until the network is fully supported on our end.
  • Tenderly delivers the development, testing, and node infrastructure your developers need in one place. You can use our full-stack Tenderly Node as a public RPC and commercial NaaS for developers, with stable, multi-regional support. Additionally, our node delivers a fully integrated suite of development tools, testing infrastructure, observability features, block explorer, and other integral building blocks.
  • Ensuring seamless tooling availability on the XDC Network will facilitate the network’s wide adoption. With familiar Tenderly tooling and infrastructure, developers can immediately start building on the XDC Network while having an easier time transitioning to your network from another EVM chain.

This comprehensive offering will improve the developer experience when transitioning to and building on XDC Network, giving them everything they need to build on XDC Network with ease, including testing infrastructure.

Developers building on the XDC Network also get exclusive access to our upcoming products, such as Tenderly Virtual TestNets – a proprietary infrastructure solution that speeds up the development, testing, and staging of dapps. Virtual TestNets allow developers to spin up a replica of the XDC mainnet in seconds and use it as a private development and testing environment or expose it publicly with its own block explorer.

How Tenderly improves developer experience on the XDC Network

Tenderly offers a full-stack infrastructure platform that features a high-performance Node as a Service offering that's seamlessly integrated with a suite of development and testing tools, simulation environments, and a fast multi-chain block explorer. Teams also gain access to a fast and reliable node with multi-regional support.

Developers get everything they need in one place to facilitate swift and reliable development, testing, monitoring, and deployment of smart contracts. This means our full-stack node not only connects you to your network but also provides a suite of essential tools and services that span the entire app development process.

Tenderly infrastructure and tooling enable teams to start building on the XDC Network instantly and move across the Web3 space with agility, thanks to our configurable, flexible, and extensible product suite. We also empower teams to focus on their projects and the value they're generating instead of wasting time building up the infrastructure or tooling they need to get the job done.

Tenderly already supports over 35 blockchain networks, including the Ethereum Mainnet, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, BNB, and more.

Developers building on Tenderly-supported networks get access to our full-stack infrastructure together with essential developer tooling to access and interact with the blockchain, automate workflows and increase development velocity, ensure smart contract correctness, minimize production issues, and improve the user experience in their dapps.

Tenderly Node

Business model and commercial terms

Tenderly has developed a variety of support levels for networks based on a subscription model, ensuring you can identify the best tier for you. We aim to tailor our support for the XDC Network to the level you're most comfortable with, fostering a partnership that grows in tandem.

Our support tiers are carefully structured around the resources required to integrate your chain into our infrastructure. We've established rate limits to balance our support capabilities with financial sustainability, ensuring each tier reflects the appropriate balance of compute, network, and storage resources we can allocate to support your network.

Choosing any tier will equip the XDC Network with a high-performance, multi-regional RPC node alongside a public RPC accessible to your users for free. As already mentioned, our full-stack node comes with a fully integrated testing infrastructure, infrastructural components, development tools, and a block explorer that will be natively supported on your network.

Below is our proposal with the tiers we feel are best suited for XDC Network and your community. Each plan includes a discount depending on the length of the subscription. For instance, a three-year commitment brings a 20% discount, significantly lowering your yearly and monthly costs.

Tenderly Network Pricing

Developer usage kickbacks

To further support the growth of the XDC Network, we are introducing a reward system that benefits both our partnership and the developers building on the network. With developer kickback usage, growing the network with paid developers allows XDC to lower your partner network costs toward us.

Additionally, our end goal is to enable your developer community together and monetize our infrastructure and tooling with them as end users, which is why we offer a developer usage kickback program. Our partnership always keeps the end users in mind.

All developer kickbacks are based on the number of Tenderly Units (TUs) the developers bought from Tenderly and used on your network. As the number of paying developers increases on the network, we can offer three kickback options:

  • TU allocation: Compute units that you can keep for yourselves or offer to others in your network through a grant program.
  • Monthly payment reduction: We can reduce your monthly payments based on the TUs spent. The USD value is determined based on the TU price for networks listed in the usage overage table.
  • Direct refund: We can refund the kickback percentage of the money directly into your account. The USD value is determined based on the TU price for networks listed in the usage overage table.

The purpose of this program is to establish a win-win situation where the XDC Network sees reduced operational costs or direct financial rewards as a result of fostering a vibrant, engaged developer community. This initiative underscores our commitment to not just support the XDC Network technically but also to ensure its financial sustainability and growth by empowering developers and incentivizing their success on the platform.

Tier storage, Tenderly Units (TUs), and rate limits

A detailed overview of Tenderly Units and their usage footprint and cost can be found here.

Network pricing table

Each tier has a network rate limit, TUs monthly limit, and a blockspace storage limit. Please note that TUs are allocated directly to the XDC Network. Other organizations that have access to XDC Network are encouraged to buy their own TUs.

When TU usage goes over the selected tier limit, this will result in either rate limiting or we can offer you a surplus charge outlined above that is calculated per million transactions, depending on the tier. If you decide to go with the surplus charge, we will also include the overcharge in your developer kickback program. This means a portion of these TUs will be returned to you.

We also charge you for blockspace usage, as this is part of our internal infrastructure costs. The costs per tier are generous, and, to date, networks on respected tiers have had the space to grow.

If blockspace usage goes over the tier limit, we can either:

  • Reduce the amount of data we retain and retain only the initial total blockspace limit.

  • Charge you between 8 USD and 4 USD per million transactions, depending on your tier.

Additional tier benefits

Aside from the details described above, some tier levels include a few additional benefits.

network pricing

Tiers 3, 4, and 5 gain the advantage of having their testnets made publicly available. This allows developers to access and work with your test environments. We encourage the lower tiers to use our Virtual TestNets, virtually operated environments that are an exact replica of the network’s production data. This testing infrastructure is also available to tiers 3 to 5, should you wish to use it.

The invite link means you get a custom link that you can share with your community to add new teams to your network automatically. However, you will not be discoverable on the Tenderly dashboard, documentation, or website unless the organization has used your custom link. Tenderly reserves the right to make your network discoverable through our various resources (dashboard, website, documentation, etc.)

For tier 5, you will be publicly listed on our dashboard, documentation, and website. You are fully searchable by all Tenderly users.

Integration timeline

We are eagerly looking forward to integrating with XDC Network and ensuring a seamless developer experience on the network. It's important to note that billing for our services starts after the integration is fully completed, ensuring that you receive full value from day one. We bear all the integration costs.

Depending on the chain’s size and complexity level, the integration process may take from 1-2 weeks to 1-2 months. For XDC Network specifically we believe it would take us less than a month to successfully integrate. We usually schedule a technical evaluation with our engineering teams to determine the exact timeline for integrating a network.

Tooling and infrastructure vendor alliance

In our effort to bolster a network’s ecosystem, we collaborate with a diverse range of tooling and infrastructure providers. Our goal is to enhance the XDC Network's capabilities, not just by offering our own services but by weaving a network of partnerships that enrich the entire blockchain landscape. We aim to lay the foundation for a future where blockchain technology is accessible, efficient, and impactful.

To achieve this, we actively engage with an array of vendors whose offerings complement the XDC Network's needs and are synergistic with the solutions Tenderly provides.

While our network report outlines a list of these collaborative partners, we remain open to expanding our alliances to include additional providers that meet the evolving demands of the blockchain ecosystem. Our initiative to facilitate these collaborations underscores our commitment to supporting the XDC Network's growth and strengthening the collaboration between vendors.

Working with other tooling and infrastructure providers enables us to create a robust and well-rounded solution that supports XDC’s mission. This collaborative environment ensures that developers on the XDC Network have access to a broad spectrum of tools and services. The mission here is to simplify their workflows, speed up development processes, and improve the overall quality of their projects.

Co-marketing opportunities

Our co-marketing activities focus on growth and audience reach, aiming to bring actual value to the community. Additionally, we can build on top of our standard activities over time, depending on the specific needs of each community.

Guiding principles for co-marketing activities

When planning our co-marketing activities, we should consider the following:

  • Content should be valuable and immediately actionable for the user or the community. It should shorten their discovery or mastery time over a certain topic. Our audience should be able to smoothly consume and apply the new knowledge instead of putting in significant effort on their own to navigate to the point where that knowledge is useful.

  • We want to build up collective knowledge about various solutions and the tools developers can use to build them. We also want to show how different platforms can work and be used together to reach a sustainable multichain future.

  • We are highly flexible when it comes to ideas and their implementation and would love to hear your thoughts. You have unique insights into developers’ needs within your community, which is essential for creating relevant, valuable content.

  • From the operational perspective, let’s take into account what is realistically doable within the time constraints we set when planning our joint activities.

Here’s a break-down of our standard co-marketing activities:

  • Integration announcement blog post, which can also include a quickstart guide. We can adjust it to any use case(s) or structure/focus relevant to the specific audience.

  • Adding your logo to our partners' placements and vice-versa (if applicable).

  • Cross-promotion on (relevant) social media channels. We promote our announcement post on X (Twitter) and encourage retweets and quotes for amplification.

  • Adding a section/guide to your documentation, along the lines of “How to use Tenderly” (if applicable). The goal of this section is to facilitate the use of Tenderly for your community, facilitate their development on XDC Network, and make their discovery flow seamlessly.

  • Linking to your documentation in our announcement post and/or documentation (if applicable), making sure our community can quickly access your services and information.

  • Open-to-all community webinars or targeted workshops for specific developer groups or teams/projects in your ecosystem. We can structure these in a way that brings the most actionable, immediate value to developers (example).

  • Short-form content on specific subtopics that can be easily consumed and promoted on social platforms (Example).

  • Community calls/AMAs so developers can reach out with questions and/or concerns. This way, we can help them solve various obstacles they might struggle with in their workflows.

  • Community grants where we can jointly give back 100% of these grant(s) away to developers in the form of Tenderly resources (Tenderly Units - TUs). This can further motivate them to freely explore building solutions on the XDC Network using the tools and infrastructure at their disposal.

  • Bounties for case studies from the community so we can:

  • (a) Reward robust and fully functional use cases as great examples of Web3 development in general.

  • (b) Help other developers discover all the possible workflows, usage patterns, and solutions. This way, they can use and evolve them further, thus adding to community knowledge available to everyone

Useful resources to learn about Tenderly

Tenderly Documentation
Tenderly Dashboard
Tenderly API Reference
Tenderly Quickstart

Tenderly case studies & guides

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