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Lite nodes and event logs?


We're exploring different chains where we will store historical records for track and trace. XinFin is one of the primary chains we would like to use.

We found that there are master nodes, essentially validators, we could deploy as we would like to have the fastest response time. Is there a lite node, which is not a full validator, but that we could deploy to hold the blocks and interact with the rest of the network, while it is close to our resources for optimal speed?

As XinFin is EVM compatible chain and we're familiar with them for the optimal solution we would like to emit events and mark them in the logs for later retrieval and use. We could probably store the same information in the SmartContract, but that is not optimal. We were looking at explorers: and but couldn't find this information, while for example, we can see the same on etherscan with other chains. Is XinFin logging those events? Is there an API that can retrieve those logs?

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Rushabh Parmar

To setup a node you can refer to this github repository and follow method 2:- Bootstrap script for main-net

And also please find linke to API

And please find a detail article on How to use XinFin API