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michel kayat
michel kayat

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[WIP]xinfin wallet password bug,

my friend got scammed by xinfin
suddenly password dosnt work
cannot import my wallet anymore,
no answer nowhere, support is dead
lawsuit filed for theft

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Hello @michel_8a454ac462 ,

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Our team is actively addressing the issue and working towards a resolution. Meanwhile, we recommend utilizing a wallet browser extension. If you have your private key or mnemonic seed phrase, you can import it to BlocksPay or XDCPay Browser extension wallet, both of which are currently functioning smoothly.

BlocksPay download

XDCPay2.0 download

Thank you for your understanding.

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Cant access mine either. This community is becoming a joke bc I've heard sooo many people including myself now losing all their xdc from xdc wallets that are complete crap

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Grace Savin

not sure I feel confident with this information. I can't access my wallet either.

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XinFan • Edited on

and if your friend is getting any error while using the web wallet, please suggest him to try to access the wallet through this link

He'll have to enter the password as an extra word after entering his wallet Mnemonic phrases. For reference here is the link to the article which explains it all

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XinFan • Edited on

Is you friend able to see his funds in his wallet where he sent those to on the explorer ?

He just needs to copy and paste his wallet address in the search bar of the website shared above.

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I was scammed too with the password bug. and they still go on giving the fault to users for forgetting password. that's a shame.