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[Proposal] - Empowering XDC

CryptoRank is actively seeking the support of XDC to finance a comprehensive annual subscription to CryptoRank's services. This initiative aims to elevate awareness and usage within the XDC ecosystem, significantly contributing to the development of a robust user and developer community through various means, including:

  • In-depth value-added research;
  • Insightful analytical articles;
  • Engaging social and blockchain-based challenges;
  • Development of a dedicated XDC Section (DONE)
  • Creation and enhancement of a Web3 portfolio DeFi tool.

About CryptoRank:

CryptoRank stands as a comprehensive platform for cryptocurrency market analysis, offering up-to-the-minute market data, a rich database for fundraising activities, numerous analytical dashboards, Smart Alerts, and a suite of tools designed for both traders and investors.

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Our platform boasts a monthly viewership of 3 million and daily visits from over 80,000 users, capturing the attention of more then 250,000 community members on social media, including leading voices in the cryptocurrency world and other significant stakeholders.

We are recognized for our extensive collection of data, dashboards, research, and reports, setting a high standard in the cryptocurrency sector. Our offerings lead the market in various aspects:

Why CryptoRank Specifically?

We have been closely monitoring the XDC ecosystem for a long time, actively including it in our cryptocurrency selections. Our consistent activity on social media contributes to attracting organic traffic and strengthens interest in XDC among our audience. Since adding the XDC ecosystem to CryptoRank, we have generated thousands of page views of ecosystem information as well as thousands of clicks to project-related pages for traders, investors, researchers, and funds.'s Contributions:

Enhancing Transparency: plays a crucial role in augmenting transparency within the blockchain industry by delivering precise and authenticated data on cryptocurrencies, aiding investors and traders in making well-informed decisions.

Facilitating Better Decision-Making: Through its analytical insights and reports, empowers investors and entrepreneurs with a deeper understanding of the cryptocurrency market, enabling them to make investment choices based on solid data.

Mitigating Risks: Access to reliable cryptocurrency data and information on related companies helps investors to minimize their risks and avoid fraudulent or unclear projects.

Broadening Market Understanding: The analytics and reports from offer a more nuanced view of the current state and trends within the cryptocurrency industry, helping market participants grasp its dynamics and forecast upcoming shifts. by the Numbers:

  • Monthly visits: 3 Million
  • Monthly page views: 20 Million
  • Registered users: 300,000
  • Twitter Followers: 210,000+
  • Community members: 250,000
  • Monthly Mobile App Users: 320,000


Analytics and Social Media Outreach Initiatives:

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Including in 4 quarterly market recaps on blockchain projects and ecosystems, prepared by the CryptoRank Research team, covering ecosystem overviews, new projects, and both on-chain and off-chain data. The content will adapt to the suggestions and requests of the XDC community and data availability.

Reсap promotion through:

  • Posts on our Twitter and Telegram;
  • Publications in our Reports section;
  • Distribution of a newsletter featuring the research to our 200,000+ email subscribers.

4 social media quest campaigns on aimed at enhancing project engagement on social platforms (e.g., X, Discord, Telegram) and motivating user interaction with XDC.

Social media support via totally 8 native posts on CryptoRank’s X and Telegram channels to highlight XDC’s ecosystem, updates, main events, etc., with simultaneous announcements on our Twitter and Telegram news channels.

Utility Part - Development of XDC Ecosystem Tools on the CryptoRank Platform:

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  • XDC's support in the CryptoRank DeFi Portfolio Tracker to draw new users by offering a unified tool for asset tracking across blockchains.

Value to XDC:

We promise not only to increase the reach of your content but also to significantly expand XDC influence across social networks.

What We Offer:

  • Increased Content Reach: Guaranteeing over 1.5 million views to broaden your project's visibility.
  • Enhanced Social Media Influence: Ensuring at least 4,000 likes and more than 3,000 reposts to strengthen your presence on social platforms.
  • Expanded XDC Visibility: Drawing in more than 2.89 million views to highlight the XDC's value and capabilities.
  • Sustainable Community Building: Focusing on creating a long-lasting and involved community to propel your project into its next phase of growth and success.

Reporting and Payment Conditions:

Quarterly reports will be provided, including data on views, interactions, and user activity. The total cost for services, covering research preparation, social media support, and operational expenses to accelerate the adoption of the XDC ecosystem, is $70,000. Payment can be made in USDT or XDC tokens.

The service cost is $70,000 if paid in USDT.

In case of payment in XDC tokens, an additional 10% is added to the original cost. The exact amount is calculated at the time of the transfer.

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