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Enosys Bridge

We are thrilled to introduce Enosys Bridge, an innovative solution designed to eventually connect the XDC Network with the Flare Network and more!

As we continue to enhance our platform, we welcome your valuable insights into its structure and security.

For a comprehensive understanding, please find the Academic Paper here:

Here's a link to the bridge that is presently deployed on the Apothem Network, bridging to the Coston Network (Flare's Testnet) and back:

We'd appreciate you taking a moment to explore the platform and share your thoughts with us.

To those actively building on the network, we'd love to get in touch.

We look forward to expanding the utility of the XDC Network and collaborating with existing projects on the network!

For less experienced users, we've prepared an in-depth guide to assist you step by step. Access it here:

Thanks for your time,

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Hi, I do not where to ask for help. I used the enosys bridge to transfer wxdc from the xinfin network to the songbird network. The first transaction was all good. Then I tried to do the second transaction. The second transcation was on May 25 around 5:22 pm. I am still waiting for my fund. Did I do something wrong?Thank you.

mitali_blocksscan profile image

Hey @yellowmax82
you can join there Telegram group( in order to get direct support from them.