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VeSwap is an Automated market maker. VeSwap brings significant improvements compared to the current decentralised-exchanges(majorly uniswap forks) with the following features.

  1. Supports both Stable Swaps and Uniswap Style volatile swaps.
  2. Dex with minimal Fees of just 0.15 percent, some of the lowest in defi.
  3. Support uniswap style LP and curve-inspired Gauges for a better and decentralized liquidity incentivization.
  4. Allows permissionless access to create bribes on any LP pools.
  5. Fully Decentralised from day one, with ve tokenomics. ve Holders control the protocol, revenue, and token emissions.

Core Concepts

Volatile and Stable AMM

veSwap liquidity pools support one of two different price invariant formulas to accommodate either stable or volatile liquidity pairs.

Volatile Pools

x × y = k

The Volatile Pools use a Uniswap v2 style constant-product curve which is the industry standard for non-correlated pairs, such as WETH and USDC.

Stable Pools

x³y + y³x = k

The Stable Pools use a hybrid price invariant curve based on Curve Finance’s Stable Swap, which is best suited towards highly correlated assets like stablecoins. Curve achieves extremely efficient stablecoin trades by implementing the StableSwap invariant, which has significantly lower slippage for stablecoin trades than the constant product invariant.

Protocol Fees and Incentives

Swap Fees: Traditional uniswap based AMM, charge swap fees of 0.3%, meanwhile initial swap fee for veSwap is just 0.15%, some of the lowest available in DeFi, out of which the liquidity provider keeps 80%, the remaining is deposited to the treasury for continued protocol development.

Gauges and liquidity Pools:
If both tokens of a liquidity pool’s pair are whitelisted by veVESW holders to be staked in gauges and receive VESW emissions rewards, then liquidity providers of that pair will not receive swap fees. The profits expected by the liquidity providers staking on gauges are solely derived from VESW emissions.

In contrast, veVESW Lockers who voted to incentivize a particular gauge with emissions will receive all the swap fees from the liquidity pair that they voted for.
If a liquidity pool is not whitelisted to be staked in the gauge, it will receive all the swap fees it generates but has no VESW emissions.

VESW Emissions

The rate of emission of VESW tokens is dynamic and depends on the proportion of the total supply locked in veVESW. The greater the proportion of VESW tokens locked in veVESW, the less intense the distribution of emissions to veVESW and Liquidity Providers.

The initial supply of $VESW is 100M.
Weekly emissions start at 20M $VESW (20% of the initial supply) and decay at 2% per week.


The concept of bribes was made popular by Convex which came to control a large share of Curve voting power. As users kept chasing high CRV rewards, protocols realized they could grow their protocol and on-chain liquidity by bribing veCRV holders to vote for their pool.
veSwap natively supports anyone to attach bribes onto a gauge and those who vote for it are then able to claim them. Bribes are distributed only to voters in that pool, proportionally to their share of pool votes.
These rewards are available for the claim after the epoch flips and are proportional to the voting power cast by a voter ($veVESW).


Q4 2022 - Q1 2023 (Phase 1)

Tasks Status
Release of VeSwap Docs/LitePaper DONE
VeSwap Smart Contract Readiness DONE
VeSwap Frontend Development In progress

Q1 2023 (Phase 2)

Tasks Status
Bug Bounty Launch TODO
Incentivized Testnet for Community TODO
VeSwap Mainnet Launch TODO
Listings on listing platforms like coinMarketCap, coingecko, etc TODO
Integrating with defillama, dexscreener, etc TODO
Q1-Q2 2023 (Phase 3)

Development of new features like ve-launch a permissionless IDO launchpad for veNFT Holders.
More Details here

Tasks Status
Incentivized Testnet/Bug Bounty for veLaunch TODO
veLaunch Mainnet Release TODO
Q2-Q3 2023 (Phase 4)

Development of ve-boost a yield Optimiser for veSwap. More Details here

Tasks Status
Listing of VESW on at least 1 centralised exchange TODO
Incentivized Testnet Launch for veBoost TODO
Audits/Bug Bounty for veBoost TODO
veBoost Mainnet Release TODO

Why VeSwap?

For Users/Traders:
Easy to use dex, with low slippage for stable swaps and with minimal fees.
Fully community-centric and decentralised with veNFT, veHolders decide which LP pair should be incentivized, and get swap fees and emissions.
For LP Providers:
LP Provider can provide liquidity and receive VESW emissions and/or swap fees.
LP providers get boosted rewards if they also hold veNFT.
For XDC Ecosystem:
veSwap will help bring in liquidity from other chains, hence boosting the overall TVL on XDC.
New Protocols will be able to incentivize their liquidity by creating bribes for their LP pairs, thus improving their token liquidity and reducing slippage.
New Protocols will also be able to utilize the IDO launchpad, to launch their project on XDC.


Milestone 1:

Duration (weeks): 3-4 weeks
Post Completion of Development Phase 2
Funds request (USD): 5,000
Deliverable: veSwap (Dex) deployed on XDC mainnet, with features of swapping assets (stable and volatile), providing liquidity, gauge creation/staking, permissionless bribe creation, veNFTs, and reward distribution.

Milestone 2:

Duration (weeks): 2-3 weeks
Post Completion of Development Phase 3
Funds request (USD): 5,000
Deliverable: veLaunch (LaunchPad) Deployed on XDC mainnet, to provide more utility to veNFT.

Milestone 3:

Duration (weeks): N/A
Deliverable: Total Daily Volume above 25k$ on VeSwap, and TVL greater than 1M$
Funds request (USD): 5,000

Milestone 4:

Duration (weeks): 8-10 weeks
Post Completion of Development Phase 4
Funds request (USD): 10,000
Deliverable: VeBoost (Yield Optimiser) Deployed on XDC mainnet.

We are willing to receive the above funding for exchange of equity/tokens with XDC foundation.


VeSwap (Dex) Expected TVL to be greater than 1M$ in the next 3-4 months.
VeSwap (Dex) Expected Daily Volume to be greater than 25k$ in the next 3-4 months.
VeSwap (Dex) Expected TVL to be greater than 2.5M$ in the next 6-8 months.
VeSwap (Dex) Expected Daily Volume to be greater than 50k$ in the next 6-8 months.
VeBoost (Yield Optimiser) Expected TVL to be greater than 1M$ by end of 2023.


We starting building veswap as a part of XDC Defi hackathon on devpost, and launched our dapp on XDC testnet.

Demo URL:
Devpost Submission:



Discussion (3)

ronald_mitchell_0de6c6219 profile image
Ronald Mitchell

Sounds very Sexy! A #DeFi in which this Community has yet to see. Love the initial ideas and the TVL this could bring to the XDC Network!

Prior to voting, I am Interested to know what the XDC Foundation will do with Equity/token received in exchange if the vote were to pass.

Has official rules been published on what constitute eligibility to receive funds? I may have missed them, which is key to understand before I vote yes or no.

The project itself sounds 🔥

crypt_ profile image
Crypt | VeSwap Author

Hi Ronald,
Thanks for your positive feedback, we applied for XDC Ecosystem Co-Builder Plan ( few weeks back, when we checked the status couple of days back on slack, we were told to post it here and get community votes.

mrblockchain22 profile image
Salomon Morales

Vote = YES
This sounds very interesting and I love to see new projects wanting to launch on the XDC Network.

I second the comment Mitch made about the Equity tokens received. I would love to see this project launch on the network for sure. I wont hold back my vote though.