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Anne van Zwol
Anne van Zwol

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[Solved] Unable to access XDC (Nano)

4 months ago I setup an XDC account on my Nano X and was able to transfer XDC to this account.

Today I tried to access my funds. However the Beta Wallet is (still) down and the 'official' wallet does not support the Nano (yet). Also there is no option to access via Metamask.

I have tried to access the funds via Metamask directly (on XDC network) and via MyCrypto however both return a '0' balance.

I checked the public key I used 4 months ago and the balance is still intact.


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You can just add XDC Network on Metamask, Connect Ledger with Metamask and access your funds there. Apart from that you can also use MEW wallet. The XDC Web wallet is actually a fork of MEW, So works exactly the same minus the XDC Prefix in the wallet address.

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Anne van Zwol Author

Luckily I was able to access my XDC via MEW! Leave this comment here for others.

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Lamin Camps

That's great news. Can you describe what you did as I'm sure I tried MEW but was unable to access the XDC network...